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The Dauphinois Club of Mineralogy and Paleontology (CDMP) is a non-profit 1901 law association, created in 1971 (n1-07095). It includes about 100 members. Founding member of FRAPNA (Rhône-Alpes Federation of Nature Protection). Member of the Confederation of Actors of Earth Sciences (Géopolis).

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Our goals:

Acting for conservation:

- Assembly of a collection of local and international samples (more than 300 samples)
- Local liaison with communities
Promoting Heritage:

- Organization of the international exhibition Cristal Passion at the Seyssins Prisme
- Organization of exhibitions (Museum of minerals of Bourg d'Oisans)
- Organization of a scholarship exchange (Municipal Foyer of Pont de Claix)
- Publication of an annual liaison bulletin
- Writing of scientific articles in the specialized press.
- Library of more than 400 works

- Fieldwork, research and observation of minerals and fossils
- Organization of conferences
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